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An out and out practical course on System and Automation Trading that will help you Create Consistent Yearly Gains without Much hectic Work.


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The Quants System Trading & Automation Mastery Course was amazing excellent and it was very clear from beginning regarding the outcome of the course. Without a doubt; it is the best course in India on System & Algo Trading.
Dr. Ravi Bollina

Tajinder Bains

Trainer & Developer

9+ years of Trading experience with dozens of masterclasses and workshops under his belt. Trained 9000+ Students. Completed Machine Learning & AI Intelligence Program

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Approx. 24 hours

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₹ 5999

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Course Description

It is an Great course on System Trading & Using Automation in it that will teach you how to Make a Good Algo Strategy, Optimize it and Create Consistent Stabilised  returns in the stock market.

The QuantsGrow process is a 100% automated investment process; hence the practitioners of this process will have very little manual work while investing their hard earned money into the Right Strategy.

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Student Reviews about This Course

Simply amazing and superb!! This level of accuracy I have never seen in my trading experience. Your trading concepts have totally fascinated me. All the systematic setups are so simple that even a beginner can follow them easily as compared to other methods. Way of teaching is very effective. And you are very supportive throughout the course in clearing doubt. Currently, I am continuing with STBT plus Intraday Quantshots and only giving 10-20 minutes maximum in a day.
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This is my first month after the workshop and out of the 12 days I made profits on 10 days and lost only twice. Even the expiry day strategy is giving great results. Happy to be part of Quant Trading family.
Pritam Pol
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Thank you so much Sir. I have recovered all my previous losses which I incurred before joining your workshop. You were right, only discipline and simple things work.
Madala Adinarayana
Really started making money consistently with your system strategies. Got only 3 small losses in the entire month. Your monthly positional strategies are really amazing Sir.
Satyajeet Giri
Happy to be part of the Quant Family. On a serious note, if people follow your strategies with discipline, there is no need to look for a regular job.
Satyajeet Giri
Quants Grow strategies and automation was exactly what I was looking for all these years. I had the capital, interest and knowledge but didn’t really have the time to watch the market all day. Thanks to Tajinder Sir, now I simply set the strategy and automate it. Hardly spend no more than 15 minutes daily and achieve my targets consistently.
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I knew of automation much before but my own system strategies were not giving desired results. The drawdown kept eating my capital. But now it's different. I simply deploy the Quants Grows tested strategies for all market scenarios. I gain small yet consistent returns and happily recovered my earlier losses.
Tejinder Kumar
Jainam jain
Tajinder Singh Sir gave that ultimate strategy to gain from a limited budget. His STBT strategy works wonders. The same capital is effectively used for two strategies daily and gets double the returns. Simply Loved It. I wouldn't say it’s 100% accurate but accuracy is always above 80% decent profits.
Tejinder Kumar

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