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Module 1
Module 1 is All About the Price Action Plus Institution Zones and Exact Levels For Doing Proper Analysis of Any Market Easily. These Chapters are Must For all Traders and Investors Who is having just a 2 Years of Market Experience
Module 2
Module 2 is Totally Denoted to Getting internal Understandings of Indicators which is used in our Further Some System Strategies for Exact Confirmations
Module 3
Module 3 will Introduce the Concept of the Option Trading with In-depth Knowledge of Options Premiums and Option Greeks
Module 4
Hedging is known as the Safety Locks in Strategies in Stock Market. This Module is Completely Designed to Understand Hedging and Designing Payoff Graph of Strategies
Module 5
All Concept of Intraday Trading and Automating it Easily and Confidently is Described in this Module. First Learn all Basics and then Run Those Strategies and Methods
Module 6
Option Buying in Market Needs Skills & Stable Fast Control on Execution . We have given a Great Option Buying, Future Buying Method in This Module Developed with combining Price Action + System Rules.
Module 7
Module 7 Contains the 3 Expiry Strategies Developed with Great Accuracy here in this 2 Methods are Manual and 1 is a Automation Method
Module 8
Module 8 Contains the Sell Today Buy Tomorrow Setups Developed by Combining of Mathematical Calculations and Rules.
Module 9
Module 9 contains Quants Positional Strategy which works on Monthly Options You can Hold Your Positions from 30 days till 45 Days
Module 10
Module 10 Contains the Strategy which works with Weekly Options and We can Hold our Positions from 3 Days till 7 Days with Proper Hedging's and Protections
Bonus 1 – Quants Option Buying Setup!/share/2l36jdv5
Bonus 2 – Quants AlgoBot4
You can Download the Strategies and Back Tested PDF From Exercise Files
Bonus 3 – Quants AlgoBot5
You can Download the Strategies and Back Tested PDF From Exercise Files Use This Link to Directly Putt the Strategy to the Stockmock and If you are Using the Algotest or Trade Tron For Backtest you can do That Manualy There.!/share/2lhk997f
Bonus 5 – Quants Mentoring Sessions
You can Download the Weekly Class Chapter Index PDF
Quants System & Automation Mastery Course
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